15 inch IP67 waterproof Industrial Touch Panel PC

15 inch Full IP67 Flat Screen Waterproof industrial Touch Panel PC
with IP67 standard complete sealed housing according to the customized specification.

This Waterproof Panel PC , which was designed for one meat product manufacturer, whose working environment is in high humidity,
so This Full IP67 Panel PC is possible to be swashed or flushed from water. 

Since the entirely Industrial Panel PC is IP67 rated sealed, which means it's completely waterproof and dust proof .
This fully IP67 industrial Touch Screen Panel PC comes with a 15 inch LCD(1024 * 768 pixel) display, 
with a resistive touch screen and a LED backlight that can provide about 400 nits of brightness.
Its interfaces consists of waterproof IP67 rating I/O ports that are highly configurable.
The smaller or bigger display is selectable.|
The waterproof IP67 rated connectors for this Waterproof Panel PCs included LAN,  USB ports, serial ports(COM.) and DC power input.

The reasons why this IP67 Waterproof Panel PC has no fan is decided by its low-power Intel CPU
and its metal housing as heat conducting, Without fan, so no noise.

We've been doing Industrial Touch Screen Display solutions for many years.
We takes pride in offering a wide variety of versions and customized configuration of Industrial Panel PC to suit the different client's needs.
We can design OEM Industrial Touch Panel PC which is suitable for the customers individual demand, 
for instance, a variety of screen sizes, different resolutions, any particular CPU, or the application, such as IP grade, HMI, wide temperature range, wide screen, etc.


Additional description
Model ID: 

IP67 Sealed CNC designed PC case,
Wide Operating Temperature: -20C to +70C
8 inch, 9.7 inch, 15 inch, 17 inch, 19inch,  21.5 inch Touch Screen Display Choices
Intel® Celeron® J1900 (Quad core 2.0Ghz) or other CPU
Sealed  I/O with cable set included, IP67waterproof
Multi-touch/ressistive Touch screen
32G SSD / 64G SSD / 128G SSD
WiFi Function
VESA Mounting - 75mm - 100mm
(mounting brackets available)
Support Windows or Linux operating system.